Services We Provide


We offer services in the following market segments

Embedded Systems Development

  • System architecture, design and integration
  • Android BSP development and system level optimizations
  • Processor specific developement for ARM, MIPS, Intel and PowerPC
  • Custom board support packages including firmware and device drivers
  • Board bring up and Hardware debugging
  • Performance Optimization

Customized Hypervisor & Operating System Solutions

  • KVM & Xen open source hypervisor customization and optimization
  • VMWare ESX driver development
  • Linux, NetBSD, FreeBSD, vxWorks, QNX kernel development
  • Custom virtualization and OS solutions

Networking, Storage & Wireless Technologies

  • Bare Metal Datapath development on Cavium OCTEON and Intel Processors
  • Networking and routing/switching protocol developement
  • Linux and BSD network stack customization and optimization